Silver Package


The Silver package includes the Virus and Spyware protection and Critical Windows updates of the Bronze package, plus it addresses the following additional issues:


Microsoft Office UPDATES

Like Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office is also filled with bugs and security holes right from the box. These flaws can leave your critical documents vulnerable to attack and can affect application performance. As a result, Microsoft releases patches and fixes regularly.




Over time, your computer hard drive can become cluttered and slow. Temporary files that are no longer needed, programs installed and uninstalled, fragmented files, unnecessary startup items  and too many bad shutdowns can all affect system performance and fill up your valuable hard drive space.



The Silver package includes 4 quarterly visits. Total PC Support will install and update your Anti-Virus software, recommend the best solution if you are not yet protected, check for and remove all Spyware, perform all Critical Windows updates, perform all Microsoft Office updates and clean and optimize your hard drive.




 * Rates outside a 20 mile radius of Revere, MA subject to $0.18/mile surcharge. Maintenance and Protection plans must be paid  in advance. Rates assume customer has a High Speed connection to the Internet and assume a 1-hr service call per visit. Dial-up connections may require additional time charge. Package pricing not valid with any other offer. Any extra needed or requested services will be performed at additional charge. Plans subject to change at any time without notice. No refunds for cancellations, session will be rescheduled at mutually agreed upon date and time.



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